Perhaps the most important thing to say here is that we rely entirely on word of mouth and / or your experience of us to allow you to determine whether you'd like us to be involved in helping you to realise your potential, or that of your organisation. 

We're in the business of people because we're passionate about inspiring and helping others to overcome their challenges and realise their dreams. We take pride in working with people, teams and organisations in a way which enables them to become who they want to become, not who they (or others) think they should be. This is never an easy ride but we don't shy away from challenge and you'll get the most out of working with us if you're prepared to do the same - even if that seems scary at first. 

Collaboration is important to us - we work in partnership with all of our clients. If we are to work with you, we'll commit to developing a full understanding of what matters to you, make suggestions about what possible solutions could look like, listen to your feedback and tailor our thinking appropriately. 

We're full of energy, creative, a little mischievous on occasion (contrary to belief, even counselling can be fun at times), open to learning and willing to take a few risks. It's been said we're like an iron fist in a velvet glove - we're challenging and supportive. We feel strongly about raising the bar and bringing about change - and we'll work hard to surpass your expectations, not just meet them.